UNI.LU Volleyball Association (ULVB)


ULVB's first recognition as a student club at the University of Luxembourg (UL) was in 2021, and its officially registration at the Luxembourg Business Registers as a non-profit association (a.s.b.l.) and recognition as a student association at UL was in 2022.
    1. Our goal is to promote volleyball at UL for all students and employees, and even further—for external players within our capacity. Everyone can do a little volleyball, and every volleyball player deserves a place to practice!
    2. We organize weekly indoor volleyball training for beginners and for competitive teams.
    3. We stay active on international and local volleyball and beach volleyball competitions.
How to join us?
    1. Please fill out this registration form online: https://forms.office.com/r/YxewmR7Rry
       If you do not have a UL account, please use this link: https://forms.office.com/r/5kfq256eZB
    2. To join the weekly training, please set up an account on our Training Scheduler: https://buff.page.link/qVq2
    To keep the club and the competition teams running healthily, we always welcome and are also in need of responsible and nice people. Please consider joining us to make ULVB a better club! Especially, we are looking for:
    1. Licensed or advanced players
    2. Liaisons: responsible for external sponsorship, sports hall, event revenue, etc.
    3. Secretaries: responsible for club management
    4. Managers: responsible for the arrangement of regular training and competitions
    5. Licensed coaches: responsible for regular training and/or competition teams
    6. Licensed referees and candidates
    7. Sponsors: we would be happy to discuss with any business interested in supporting us
    Please contact us for a meeting.

Our current competition teams

(this list might not be up to date):



Men's team (name, number, position)



Sam    1    Outside hitter
Henry    2    Middle blocker (captain)
Samuele    4    Setter
Aymeric    7    Outside hitter
Tian    8    Opposite
Himanshu    9    Middle blocker
Elliot    11    Setter
Jinjie    12    Libero
William    13    Opposite
Seung    14    Libero
Flavio    16    Outside hitter
Yangjie    18    Setter



Women's team (name, number, position)



Sona    7    Outside hitter (captain)
The new women's team (2022/2023) has not been assembled.



Coaching Staff



Jinjie Liang (Mr.)

Head Coach


Marcelo RUIZ (Mr.)



Referee Panel (in preparation)



Jinyuan WANG (Mr.)



Advisory Panel



Tian HU (Dr.)

Training and management


Seung Hyun NA (Mr.)



Executive board



Arnaud MAZIER (Dr.)




Vice-President & Secretary


Jinyuan WANG (Mr.)



Jessica KRESS (Ms.)



We are reachable in many languages (EN, FR, DE, FA, CN, ES…): don't hesitate to contact us and inquire!








Email: ulvb@uni.lu
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ulvb_unilu/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2896532187233597



We are reachable in many languages (EN, FR, DE, LU, FA, CN, KR, IT, ES, etc.). Do not hesitate to drop us an email!