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Working in Luxembourg

All students enrolled at the University of Luxembourg are authorised to work during their studies, irrespective of their nationality, during the school holidays (40 hours/week) and/or throughout the year (10 hours/week).

  1.  Working during the school holidays or the student contract
  2.  Fixed-term contract of employment
  3.  Non EU, working in Luxembourg after graduation
  4.  To go further

1.      Working during the school holidays or the student contract (40 hours per week)

  • Age conditions: To work during the school holidays, you must be under 27 years old.  If you are over 27, you can only work under a conventional fixed-term contract.
  • Duration conditions: Work during the school holidays is limited to two months per calendar year, only during the holidays (cf. the academic calendar).
  • The remuneration must be at least 80% of the minimum social wage, increased with age.
  • References to legislation:
    • Article L. 151-1 ff.  of the Labour Code
    • Non-EU students: Free Movement of People and Immigration Act of 29 August 2008

2.      Fixed-term contract of employment (15 hours per week)

  • Age conditions:  There is no age limit.
  • Duration conditions:  The fixed-term contract for students may not exceed 60 months (5 years) and may not be renewed more than twice.  The maximum number of hours worked may not exceed 15 hours a week.
  • The remuneration must correspond to at least the hourly minimum social wage (€11.1042 for people aged 18 and over).
  • References to legislation:
    • Article L.122-1, paragraph 3, point 5
    • Non-EU students: Free Movement of People and Immigration Act of 29 August 2008.Remark for non-European students:student residency permit = work permit

3.      Non EU, working in Luxembourg after graduation

If you are not an EU national, and you wish to work in Luxembourg once you graduate, Article 59 of the Free Movement of People and Immigration Act of 29 August 2008 authorises you to do so for a period of two years:

Article 59. A residency authorisation for wage earner valid for a maximum, non-renewable period oftwo yearsmay be issued by the competent minister to the third-country nationals authorised to stay in the country by virtue of Articles 56 and 58, if the following conditions are met:

1. S/he has completed a degree programme successfully in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and has earned a final higher education diploma;

2. S/he wishes to supplement his or her academic training with initial professional experience in the service of the economic interests of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the country of origin, before returning to the latter;

3. The gainful employment s/he intends to take up is directly related to his or her academic training;

4. S/he is in possession of a contract of employment as provided under Article 42, paragraph (1), point 4.

Attention, it is important that your job is really related to your training; otherwise your application may be refused!  When then do you need to obtain your residency authorisation in concrete terms?

You must send the following items to the “Direction de l’Immigration , Service des Etrangers” [Department of Immigration, Aliens Division], BP 752, L-2017 Luxembourg:

  • A true certified copy of your passport
  • A CV
  • A letter of motivation for your request,with reference to Article 59
  • A copy of your contract of employment
  • A copy of your diploma(s)
  • A true certified copy of a birth certificate
  • An extract from the criminal records of Luxembourg
  • A proof of the payment of 80 euros on the account CCPL LU46 1111 2582 2814 0000

4.      To go further:

You will find all the details in our brochure: “Le job étudiant, mode d’emploi”  available on the Intra-student section Campus Careers :