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Affiliation to the Health insurance

In order to be allowed to permanently register at the University of Luxembourg, any students must provide an attestation of the affiliation to a medical cover indicating precisely the period of coverage (obligatory mentions of the dates of beginning and end of this insurance).  It must cover at least the duration of the whole semester you are registered at the University of Luxembourg.
If the candidate does not have such insurance, he will be asked to pay the fees together with the registration fees directly to the University.

For non-European applicants: this document will have to be provided as soon as they arrive at the University of Luxembourg otherwise the payment of the Health insurance contribution will have to be paid at the same time than registration fees.

It is the responsibility of each student to declare any change in their personal situation during their studies. Any change must be reported in writing to the SEVE - Admissions Office (change of address, student job, drop-out, etc) without delay.

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