Upon confirmation of your registration, you get an email address of the University in the following form : and data from your IT account (student ID number and password).

This allows you to:

  • connect to the webmail that gives you access to your email address at the University of Luxembourg.
  • re-enroll each semester.
  • connect to the student intranet.
  • Login to Moodle (All courses offered by the Moodle platform are secured by an "access key." The faculties will attribute one for each semester of each program).
  • connect to the "guichet étudiant".

Forget or Need to reset your password?

Please use Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome and reset your password.

You must enter your student ID, date of birth and the code "CAPTCHA".

You will receive to your private email address (the one you indicated on your registration form) an automatic email message with the new password.