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Regional Students’ Welfare Office (known by the French acronym “CROUS”) – France

Provided by

Ministry of Higher Education and Research

Level of education

Higher Technical Certificate (BTS), Bachelor’s, Master’s.




  • Be a French national 


  • For EU students: residing in France for one year, who can provide proof of one year of higher education in progress


  • For non-EU students: the parents must have resided– and paid taxes -- in France for more than two years


  • Be under 28 years old on 1 October of the academic year
  • Be enrolled in a programme of studies authorised to accept grant recipients

Application deadline

Between 15 January and 30 April for the following academic year (same calendar year)


Grants are based on three criteria:

  • Income of the tax household (year in progress – 2)
  • Number of dependent children
  • Distance from the place of study

The annual amount of grants based on social criteria is established on levels of 1 to 6

Duration of grant

1 year, renewable every year.  The entire study cycle + 1 year (or + 2 years, under certain conditions)

Number of students on grant

No limit


The national emergency aid fund helps students in precarious situations.  As of the start of the 2008-2009 academic year, this fund replaces the single emergency aid allowance (known by the French acronym “AUAU”), the study allowance and the higher education grant, on the basis of social criteria, attributed by decision of the study allowance academic committee.
Emergency aid is an ideal instrument for providing rapidly personalised financial aid to students in difficulty, on occasion or for the duration of the academic year.  Emergency aid can come in 2 forms:

  • Either as occasional aid for a student facing serious difficulties for the moment;
  • Or annually to students facing extended difficulties.

The age limit for emergency aid is 35, including students who have resumed their studies.

For more information

The particulars of the CROUS depend on the city of residence of the student applying for a grant.