Transport pass

As of August 1st, 2017, all students up to 30 years old can benefit from the free public transportation pass in Luxembourg. This means that students living in neighbouring countries will still need to buy a transportation ticket in their country (from their place of residence to the Luxembourgish border).
Students aged up to 30 years old can come and get their free student transportation pass at the Admission office.

Students above 30 years old with a work contract at the UL: you can apply for the UL employee MPass. With this pass you get unlimited travels on all the public transportation network on Luxembourgish territory. The MPass is only valid on the Luxembourgish national network as well as cross border lines with a national tariff. For border workers, foreign railway operators (SNCF, SNCB and DB) have an additional Flex Pass available. The Flex Pass is also available for border people coming with the Regio Zone bus lines.

Students above 30 years old without a work contract at the UL: since you cannot benefit from either the MPass nor the “free” student transportation pass, you can buy a monthly or yearly regular transportation ticket like any other client. You need to ask for a classic subscription (Joersabo) at the Mobilitéitzentrale (at the station at Belval or at Luxembourg)