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Doctoral Education

Doctoral education — also commonly known as PhD studies — is an important step in your academic career, whether you intend to pursue research in academia or a career in industry.

You can apply all year long. Enrolment fees are €200 per semester.

At the University of Luxembourg, structured doctoral programmes combine coursework and research phases carried out over three to four years for full-time students:

  • Disciplinary and/or interdisciplinary research work;
  • Customised courses, enabling you to acquire advanced academic knowledge and a range of transferable skills; and
  • Defence of your original academic work—the doctoral dissertation—before a distinguished committee of experts.

Doctoral applicant, start here to proceed!

You are eligible to apply for admission to doctoral studies at the University of Luxembourg if you hold a Master’s degree (or equivalent) and if you have found a dissertation supervisor.

Admission is based on a selection process.

Find more on how to proceed in four steps.


If you are an external doctoral candidate and wish to attend Transferable Skills courses, please learn more about the registration process on the Doctoral Training page.

Interested in becoming a supervisor?

If you are a new supervisor, or would like to know more about supervision at the University of Luxembourg, check out our new supervisor page.