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Bachelor en gestion

> Teaching languages: French / English

The Bachelor in Applied Management degree course provides middle management training with the aim of producing managers who are able to fit seamlessly into operations in the key sectors of Luxembourg’s economy, such as the banking sector, insurance, trust-based business, auditing, accounting services and corporate governance of major industrial and commercial companies as well as small and medium-sized enterprises. The degree incorporates and complements the former DUT (diplôme universitaire de technologie) diploma, which was widely recognised in the world of business (collective agreements in the financial sector of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg).

Organisational structure

The Bachelor in Management provides a balance of academic teaching and applied training which incorporates the specific features of the Luxembourg market. A significant number of teaching units are interchangeable within a common structure, which encompasses the first, second and third semesters. Students have the opportunity of familiarising themselves with the basic principles of management before specialising in one area. Specialisation is on a progressive basis during the fourth and fifth semesters.

  • Semesters 1 & 2: joint general training in management
  • Semesters 3 & 4: shared classes & partial specialisation in the fields of banking and insurance on the one hand and business-related professions on the other
  • Semester 5: introduction to the 3 specialisation options: insurance company management, bank management and corporate management
  • Semester 6: placement in a business, as part of which students write a report and subsequently discuss it in a viva voce examination

The three years (six semesters) of the Bachelor course are organised by the University of Luxembourg.
 A mandatory mobility period  of a minimum of one semester at a university abroad is required by the Law on the establishment of the University of Luxembourg. The mobility can be done regarding the semester you initially registered. To facilitate mobility, the University has concluded agreements with host universities.

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NB: restricted intake! 

  • Admission to the first year is limited to 180 students. Admission criteria: Student's results for the previous and current year and a letter of motivation.
  • A B2 level is required in French & English.
  • Admission to the 2nd year (semester 3) will be possible with a recognition of 60 ECTS and admission to the 3rd year (semester 5) with 120 ECTS - Selection based on the application.
  • Please note : there will be no more admissions in semester 5 with a recognition of 90 ECTS - in particular, students with a BTS/DUT from Luxembourg or abroad may obtain a recognition of prior academic experience of 60 ECTS, for admission in semester 3 only.

Career paths

The aim of the corporate management option is to train managers who are highly skilled in business management methods (audit and corporate governance, in particular) and have in-depth knowledge of the economic, social and legal environment in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg.

The options based on management of insurance companies and management of banks prepare students for work in the financial sector. Students receive training in professions relating to private banking and investment funds.



Priviliged Partnership

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Programme at a glance

  • 6 semesters (including a trainee)
  • 400 €/semester
    (semesters 1 & 2)
  • 200 €/semester
    (semesters 3 to 6)
  • Teaching languages: French/English
  • Campus Belval (virtual tour)