Doctoral school of law

The doctoral student must submit his thesis no later than 4 years after his admission to the doctoral program. 

The thesis defense must take place no earlier than 3 years and no later than 4 years and 4 months after admission

In total, during his training, the doctoral student must acquire a minimum of 20 ECTS as part of the courses and activities devoted to the acquisition of methodological (disciplinary and interdisciplinary) and transversal skills.

At least 5 ECTS credits must be acquired in transversal competences, including at least one mandatory ethics course.

- Part of the training is organized by the doctoral school, which offers workshops, seminars and conferences.

- More general training is offered by the rectorate:Transferable Skills Training


Doctoral candidates are allowed to attend other doctoral training courses or seminars, within or outside the University, and must have them approved by the Director of the doctoral school.

Thesis supervision committee


The remit of the thesis supervision committee is to supervise the work of the PhD student. The committee meets at least once a year with the PhD student to evaluate the progress of his/her work.

For PhD students, this provides opportunities to:

  • learn to present ideas clearly and succinctly,
  • evaluate progress on their thesis,

PhD Defence

The PhD student presents his/her manuscript to the thesis supervision committee (followed by questions/answers). The latter writes a report and forwards it to the University President, who either does or does not give his approval for admission to the PhD defence on the thesis no later than six weeks after receiving the report prepared by the supervision committee.

Specific information regarding PhD defence (constitution and composition of the exam panel as well as the examination method) is stipulated

in law dated 27 juin 2018, modified by law dated 9/8/2018 and the “règlement des études” date 13/9/2018 The two aforementioned documents are available here.