LL.M. Programmes


Luxembourg is one of the capitals of the European Union and a leading financial centre in Europe, offering numerous career opportunities to our graduates. Alumni have found positions at the European institutions, national governments, banking and finance institutions, as members of the judiciary or in law firms.

The highly-specialised LL.M. programmes, taught in French and English at the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance, give students an excellent starting point for their careers and a competitive advantage compared to graduates from many other programmes.

To work as a lawyer in Luxembourg, unless already qualified as a lawyer in another EU member state, graduates must successfully pass the Luxembourg bar exam. This requires proficiency is 20 legal subjects as well as familiarity with the Luxembourgish language, as well as French and German.

The required preparatory course for the Luxembourg bar exam, the Cours complémentaires en droit luxembourgeois (CCDL), usually starts in October and continues for six months. It includes two sets of written exams, one in early January and the other in mid-March. Further information about the CCDL can be found on the website of the Ministry of Justice.

Graduates who are already qualified lawyers in another EU member state do not have to take the Luxembourg bar exam but must register with the Luxembourg bar.

Upon completing their LL.M. programme students may also choose to pursue their academic studies with a PhD, with positions regularly available at the University of Luxembourg.

For non-EU students, visa restrictions and permanent residence permit requirements may apply.