Master in European Economic and Financial Criminal Law (LL.M.)



Aleksandra Stepniewska




"I discovered the LL.M. on the website of the University and as I practiced as a defence lawyer, I was interested in this particular LL.M. I wanted to broaden my knowledge of criminal law, particularly at European level.
Looking back on the year I spent pursuing the LL.M., there are a couple of things which I highly appreciated. First of all, I liked the way in which the courses were conducted. I appreciated the fact that we were stimulated to prepare for the classes. Furthermore, I enjoyed the setting of the University in Luxembourg City, its multicultural environment and the fact that the Court of Justice was so close.
After I completed the LL.M. I returned to Poland, where I am currently practicing again as a defence lawyer, in the field of criminal law. I regularly practice economic criminal law and I am often involved in examining compliance management systems and in making risk analyses of the criminal liability of managers and members of supervisory boards. I now feel better equipped to represent my clients at the highest level.
The two things, at least on a professional level, which I found most useful were the European approach to criminal law which we were taught and the knowledge of market abuse which I gained.”


 Marie Chenour




"Before I applied for the LL.M. I studied criminal law and criminology in Paris. I came to Luxembourg to widen my knowledge of European business criminal law, in particular anti-money laundering. One of the elements which convinced me to apply for this LL.M. was the fact that the programme is bilingual.
I had a great experience at the University of Luxembourg and I liked in particular the anti-money laundering course taught by Mr Nies, as well as the class excursions to Brussels and The Hague. Both of these trips were a great way to discover the International Criminal Court and several European Institutions. I also appreciated Luxembourg City for its multicultural atmosphere and the attractive working conditions and employers (the Big Four, the Court of Justice and several important law firms).
Currently, I am working in the forensic and anti-money laundering department of one of the Big Four. I deal on a daily basis with anti-money laundering and the course on anti-money laundering has been very helpful.
I would recommend the LL.M. for numerous reasons, including its teaching staff, the fact that it is a bilingual programme and the proximity of the European Institutions.”


 Ine De Coninck




"I applied for this LL.M. as it seemed to be a unique programme which would allow me to deepen my knowledge of European (Economic and Financial) Criminal law, while improving my French and English language skills.
The LL.M. has fulfilled and exceeded my expectations. The highly skilled teaching staff offered us a thorough academic and practice-oriented understanding of European Economic and Financial Criminal Law. The wide variety of teaching methods (lectures, moot court, presentations and study trips) and the availability of the teaching staff for questions and advice were great.
Currently, I work as an Assistant lawyer at the European Court of Human Rights. Several elements of the LL.M., such as the bilingual courses, the research skills we were taught and the courses dealing with human rights as well as the course dealing with the European Arrest Warrant, prove to be very helpful on a daily basis.”


Michele Bencini




“I chose to apply for this quite unique LL.M. because of the multidisciplinary programme, the focus on different countries and the specific focus on financial and economic crimes. Before deciding to do a specialisation, I had studied law in Italy and I had completed the bar exam, becoming a member of the Bar Association in Milan, Italy.
The LL.M programme was a good experience and I found especially interesting the courses related to white collar crimes in different countries. The University of Luxembourg and the City of Luxembourg provide a very international and challenging environment: I have met people from all around Europe with a strong EU attitude.
Currently I work as a criminal lawyer for a law firm in Milan, specialised in white collar crimes. For this job the knowledge and skills, which I have obtained in Luxembourg, are certainly useful.
I would definitely recommend this LL.M Programme, as criminal law – and especially economic and financial criminal law – is becoming more and more an EU affair. The LL.M gives you the opportunity of being one step ahead of the future challenges”


Florian Germain




"I would recommend this LL.M. Programme for candidates aiming to work in the banking and financial sector as it offers an essential education and the possibility to work in teams closely supervised by excellent professors and professionals.
Before joining the LL.M. European economic and financial criminal law, I have studied in France where I have completed a Bachelor in private law and a Master I in business law. After these studies, I was looking for a challenging postgraduate degree abroad and found out on several international rankings that the University of Luxembourg offers this unique opportunity. I have chosen to apply for this LL.M. Programme in order to complete my academic background with this specialisation taught by renowned experts in the fields concerned.
Studying in the City of Luxembourg is a great experience and it offers the possibility to evolve and learn in a well-organised and multicultural environment. Besides the numerous experiences shared with my classmates during team works, my best experience was obviously the long-term internship I followed in a law firm in Luxembourg, during which I gained valuable professional skills. After completing the LL.M., I obtained the Certificat de Formation Complémentaire en Droit Luxembourgeois and I currently work as an associate within the banking and finance department of an international law firm in Luxembourg. The LL.M. Programme has provided me with the necessary knowledge and legal automatisms in European law and financial criminal law, which I apply on a daily basis in identifying and solving potential legal issues.”


Karlien Vanderhauwaert




"The programme of the LL.M European Economic and Financial Criminal Law is one of a kind, especially for someone who wants to specialise in criminal law. The teachers are respected and renowned in their field of work and the relatively small group enables you to learn faster in an interactive atmosphere. The fact that the courses are given both in English and French is of course a plus as well as the fact that the City of Luxembourg offers a vibrant and multicultural atmosphere, which gives you the opportunity to come into contact with different nationalities.
For me the internship was really useful and it certainly helped me to get a job in my field of interest, as I still work as a lawyer at the law firm in Brussels (Stibbe) where I did my internship. The LL.M programme has proven to be very useful: not only did I learn to express myself fluently in both English and French, I also developed my presentation skills and learned a lot about the European aspects of criminal law, which were not necessarily discussed in detail during my studies in Belgium. As the influence of Europe on the development of criminal law is constantly growing, I profit from my LL.M. specialisation in Luxembourg every day.”