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Flyer 2023
Our Master degree programmes

Master in Geography and Spatial Planning

On completion of the Master programme in Geography and Spatial Planning our graduates work within a range of sectors such as:  

  • Transport and logistics 
  • Policy and government  
  • Academia and research 
  • Construction, built environment and property  
  • Charities, NGOs and international development 
  • Teaching and education 
  • Retail and wholesale activities  


Within these sectors our Alumni have taken up a wide variety of roles:  

Spatial or policy analysts, urban planners, environment specialists, GIS specialist and spatial analysis in the private or public sector, from local to international organisations, geography teachers, mobility and transport consultants, planning consultants, spatial and regional development agencies, European and cross-border institutions, universities and research centres.  

We strive to support graduates to become informed and responsible global citizens in whatever direction their future holds.