Master Theatre Studies and Interculturality

Intercultural perspectives on theatre

The Master's programme "Theatre Studies and Interculturality" aims at a theoretical and practical examination of the theatre and its historical and contemporary forms from an intercultural perspective. This takes into account the fact that the theatre and its related performative arts negotiate cultural differences aesthetically and in terms of content in their history and in their current phase of globalisation and internationalisation and renew themselves through cultural imports and transfers.

Study Programme

Current Timetable

Intensive focus on practice

This programme has a distinctly interdisciplinary orientation, a strong research focus and an intensive focus on practice, which is about acquiring and experimenting with one's own artistic-practical skills as well as independently planning, organising and carrying out artistic projects. 

Different practical components are provided accordingly. These include: 

  • seminars accompanying performances
  • critical reflection on theatre projects
  • culture management and organisation
  • lessons and workshops with dramaturges and directors/theatre-makers and actors
  • scenic projects and writing workshops

The following theatres and music festivals offer internships for the third semester in the areas of artistic direction, dramaturgy, culture management/organisation, marketing/public relations


  • Théâtre d' Esch
  • Théâtre National du Luxembourg
  • Grand Théâtre de la Ville du Luxembourg
  • Festival International Echternach
  • Trifolion Echternach
  • GrAFiTi


  • Theater Trier
  • Saarländisches Staatstheater (Saarbrücken)
  • Pfalztheater Kaiserslautern
  • Mosel Musikfestival


  • Théâtre de Liège
  • Chudosnic Sunergia (Eupen)
  • Agora Theater (St. Vith)


  • NEST Théâtre Centre Dramatique National Thionville Lorraine
  • Le carreau (Forbach)

In the future, these collaborations will be complemented by the cooperation with the Théâtre Universitaire Royal de Liège and the Théâtre de la Place in Liège.

Individual support

Since students can choose from the already very rich programmes of various universities, the result is an extraordinarily broad range of courses, that is otherwise only found at very large universities - with the decisive difference that the binational Master's programme enables unique individual supervision thanks to manageable group sizes.