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Master Theatre Studies and Interculturality

As a student of the University of Luxembourg as your home university (first enrolment in Luxembourg), you must also register each semester at the University of the Greater Region/Trier by means of an application for enrolment. The enrolment gives them access to the learning platform of the University of Trier and also grants them access to the university's own library. This application, as well as explanations of the application form, can be found in the information folder on UniGR studies at the University of Trier.


On the information sheet "Antrag auf Immatrikulation an der Universität der Großregion/Trier" you will find all necessary information and deadlines.


IMPORTANT: The re-registration at the "University of the Greater Region/Trier" has to be done every semester.

The enrolment for the summer semester takes place until 15.3.

Enrolment for the winter semester is by 15.9 each year.