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Bachelor in Mathematics

The Bachelor in Mathematics (BMATH) at the University of Luxembourg provides basic knowledge in the fundamental fields of mathematics (algebra, analysis, geometry, probability) as well as concepts from disciplines closely linked to mathematics, such as physics, computer science or mathematics didactics.







  • Degree: Bachelor in Mathematics
  • Duration: 3 year full time programme / 6 semesters (180 ECTS)
  • Languages: French (75%), English (25%)


  • Many optional modules every semester
  • Strong interaction between teaching and research
  • Possibility of taking preparatory courses


The courses are grouped into modules. Each semester, the student can determine the composition of one of these modules according to his or her own choice, which allows him or her to acquire knowledge in one or more fields closely related to mathematics. In accordance with the Bologna process, each semester is credited with at least 30 ECTS credits. In accordance with the mobility clause provided for by law, the student who has successfully completed the first four semesters at the University of Luxembourg will spend the fifth semester of the Bachelor's degree at a university abroad. The fifth semester is offered through collaborative agreements with partner universities. This transition abroad is facilitated in particular by ERASMUS agreements.





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Programme at a glance

  • Duration: 6 semesters (180 ECTS)
  • Registration fees: 
    • 400€/semester (1 & 2)
    • 200€/semester (3 to 6)
  • Languages: FR, EN
  • Campus: Belval
  • Application period: 
    • EU: February-August
    • Non-EU: February-April
  • Contact: