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Doctoral Education in Science Communication (DESCOM)

This Pocket Guide about Science Communication provides theoretical and practical knowledge on science communication for interested researchers and science communicators. On 56 pages you can read the most basic information about the topics covered in the DESCOM Science Communication Course and receive some practical tips.

The document is available for download (7.3 MB).


The Pocket Guide was written by Dirk Hans, the lecturer of the DESCOM Science Communication Course, which is supported by the Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR).

For suggestions of further reading and more in-depth knowledge please scroll down to the Knowledge Database.

Interested researchers from the University of Luxembourg wishing to have more guidance on how to deal with media requests, how to write press releases and how to organize can find useful help in the already existing short Researcher’s Communication Guide (Intranet).


Knowledge Database for Science Communication

For a deeper dive into the topic, we advise to have a look at the following resources:

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