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Student Delegation

Student Delegation

The mission of the student delegation is to inform the students of the decisions and activities concerning them, represent and defend their interests, communicate on behalf of the students to the governing bodies and entities of the University and to contribute to their daily life by participating in the management of the Office of Student Life.

It is composed of:

  • Oleksii Domin (doctoral studies) - President
  • Max Bintener (FDEF)
  • Lea Neveux (FDEF) 
  • Sam Bernard (FHSE)
  • Sami Bouraoui (FHSE) 
  • Samuel Braun (FHSE)
  • Eric Demarche (FSTM) 
  • Zainulabedin Lanewala (FSTM)

Contact: student.delegation@uni.lu


The University counts 19 positions of students representatives as defined in the University law and in the internal regulations (ROI), as follows:

  • one students representative in the Board of Governors;
  • six students representatives in the University Council
  • three students representatives in each Faculty Council;
  • nine students representatives in the various committees.