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Let’s save energy together!

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Published on Monday, 28 November 2022

The government has called on the entire population of Luxembourg to substantially reduce energy consumption – at work, at home, in public spaces.  

As a university, we must be proactive in this fight: every kilowatt hour of electricity saved, every cubic metre of gas not consumed, every gesture counts – for the sake of minimising the risk of an energy shortage this winter and our fight against climate change. 


How can I contribute? 


  • Adjust the temperature in your room: 
    • During the day: 19°C – 20°C 
    • At night: 17°C – 18°C 
    • When out: 16°C 
  • When indoors
    • Limit lighting to a minimum 
    • Ventilate for short periods only 
  • When leaving your room
    • Turn off all IT equipment (avoid standby mode) 
    • Turn off the lights 
  • Use public transport or car sharing when possible 


Our energy-saving plan is a first step and a chance to change our behaviour in the long run towards a more sustainable society.