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General Information

The number of requests for housing, especially at the beginning of the academic year (September) and at the beginning of the summer semester (February), is very high and exceeds our capacity. This is why the University of Luxembourg cannot guarantee housing for all our students.

We strongly recommend that applicants look for other alternatives.

Furthermore, the accommodation offered by the University of Luxembourg is not suitable for families with children.

1. Eligibility criteria

Our rooms are reserved exclusively for:

  • Students enrolled in a Bachelors, Masters or Doctoral degree at the University of Luxembourg following a full-time study program. Any part-time student is not eligible.
  • Incoming students as part of an exchange program
  • Students returning from mobility

To be eligible for university accommodation, a minimum monthly rental budget is required:

  • 450€ per month for Bachelors and Masters, Incoming
  • 600€ per month for salaried doctoral students

2. Limited duration of stay

3. Cost of living in Luxembourg

Alternative options

We advise exploring options such as the following links (please note that the University has no partnerships or relationships with these providers and does not endorse their services):




Please note that students from non-EU countries must reside in Luxembourg.

Students with EU citizenship who are considering accommodation in the border areas of France and Belgium can also consult the following links: