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Doctoral Education

The doctoral programme trains future senior researchers and faculty members.  The degree earned in that programme represents the highest qualification in a given field of study.  Coming after the Master’s degree, it leads to the academic degree of Doctor.

The Ph.D. is the first step in your academic career, whether you intend to pursue research in the  academic world or in industry.  Your original academic work will constitute your Ph.D.  thesis (dissertation).  Your research will end with the writing and the oral presentation of your dissertation. Your progress will be assessed regularly by a supervisory committee which will include your dissertation supervisor. If you wish, you can acquire teaching experience either by assisting a professor, or by monitoring the works of students for the Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.  Such experience is bound to prove useful at every step of your career.

Comprising in principle a period of at least 3 years, the Ph.D. combines research work and customised courses, enabling the Ph.D. student to acquire advanced academic knowledge and a range of generic skills.  The Ph.D. degree is conferred following the writing and defence of a dissertation, the disciplinary – or interdisciplinary – topic of which was chosen by the candidate in agreement with his dissertation supervisor. 

The University of Luxembourg moreover offers the opportunity of joint supervision of dissertations with other institutions of higher education abroad.

The University of Luxembourg has several doctoral schools. They offer custom-made training programmes. The number of participants per course is limited and the programmes are focused on the research field of the participants.  Admission to the doctoral schools is based on a selection process.

All Ph.D. candidates at the University of Luxembourg are students irrespective of how their dissertation is funded.

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