Doctoral Training

Different types of training courses are offered to doctoral candidates. In these training courses, doctoral candidates can expect to:

  • Acquire in-depth knowledge in their field of expertise;
  • Receive training of scientific methods;
  • Improve scientific writing and communication skills;
  • Develop awareness of ethical issues in science;
  • Develop interdisciplinary competences;
  • Acquire skills, such as project management and presentation techniques.

Training takes place in small groups and allows for in-depth knowledge exchange. Doctoral candidates will have the opportunity to engage in active exchange and receive support from their peers.

Learn more about the different types of training opportunities:


Depending on the number of remaining seats, courses of the Transferable Skills Training and the doctoral programmes are also open to visiting candidates and candidates at the Luxembourg research institutes (LIST, LIH, LISER, MPI & LNS). Learn how to register as external candidate.

Transferable Skills Training

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Transferable Skills Training

What are transferable skills?

  • Skills that can be used during your Doctoral period, but are not directly related to your research;
  • Important for your future career;
  • Things you can learn for FREE at the University of Luxembourg!

Take a look at the courses organised by the Transferable Skills team (B.E.D.)

Courses like: Good Scientific Practice, Research Article Writing, Conference Skills, Assertiveness, Managing your relationship with your Thesis Director, Advanced teaching skills, Navigating Social Media, Project management,.. etc.

Download the detailed programme: 

Eligible participants

Transferable skills training courses are open to all University of Luxembourg enrolled doctoral candidates.

Depending on the number of remaining seats, courses are also open to external doctoral candidates from LIST, LIH, LISER, MPI & LNS.

How to register

You can request an enrolment to a course one month prior to each course. Confirmation to the participants will be given per email as soon as the course is full.

  • Are you a doctoral candidate? register on Moodle
  • Are you an external doctoral candidate from LIST, LIH, LISER, MPI & LNS? First, register at following the process for external doctoral candidates; then, register on Moodle.

Once you have chosen your course and filled out the enrolment request form, you will receive a confirmation per email if you are registered, and will then be given access to the course on Moodle.

Contact: Transferable Skills Team