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Doctoral schools

The University of Luxembourg currently offers doctoral schools (DS) in:

Each doctoral school is actively involved in the implementation of the general policy of the Doctoral Education Framework (PDF) to support, encourage and prepare doctoral students from the University of Luxembourg in their early career.

Transferable skills training courses

Our doctoral schools more particularly offer transferable skills training courses for PhD candidates detailed in the Course Guide on Transferable Skills 2016 brochure. Training takes place in small groups of PhD candidates, focusing on their specific research topic, and allows students to experience in-depth knowledge exchange as well as enrol in transferable skills courses. Doctoral school students will receive regular exchange and support among candidates.

Different types of training courses are offered to PhD candidates. In these training courses, PhD candidates can expect to::

  • acquire in-depth knowledge in their field of expertise;
  • receive training of scientific methods;
  • improve their scientific writing;
  • debate ethical issues in science;
  • develop interdisciplinary competences;
  • learn transferable skills, such as project management and presentation techniques.

Training takes place in small groups and allows for in-depth knowledge exchange. Doctoral candidates will have the opportunity to engage in active exchange and receive support from their peers.

For more information, see the platform here: https://moodle-phd.uni.lu.