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Bachelor en droit


The objective of the Bachelor in Law, in its new, transnational format, is to train multilingual, versatile, open minded legal experts capable of thinking in terms of global law, whilst being proficient in the techniques of national Luxembourg law.

An innovative transnational approach

The University of Luxembourg is one of the few universities in Europe and around the world to offer such a programme. In nearly every country in the world, legal education is geared, if not exclusively, at least chiefly to the study of national law: in France, students are taught French law, in England English law, in Germany German law, etc. This traditional model has shown its mettle, but in an increasingly globalised world, it is bound to be outmoded, particularly in a country such as Luxembourg, the law of which stems from different traditions, and which is intrinsically open to Europe and the world.

In the quest for excellence, the legal expert of tomorrow must be immersed in this new context from the very start of his or her studies. Whether s/he works in Luxembourg, abroad or for supranational institutions, in the private or public sector, s/he will have to be not only fully proficient in national law, but also able to make the link between different legal systems, in order to engage in dialogue with his or her foreign interlocutors (client, contracting party, policy negotiator, opposing party, etc). Due to its position, its research and its professors, the University of Luxembourg is
particularly well placed to address this challenge.


7 reasons to enroll at the University of Luxembourg

  • Mandatory multilingualism (French-English), including some optional courses taught in German.
  • Mandatory international mobility (for one semester) in Europe or beyond.
  • In the 3rd year of their Bachelor, students get the opportunity to take a one month internship in order to get a first exposure to the legal practice environment.
  • Considerable reduction of the number of hours of class contact in order to bolster independent work, intellectual curiosity and critical acumen.
  • Reduced class sizes to stimulate interaction and the transfer of knowledge from professor to student.
  • Early mentoring system, as of the 1st semester, with a tutorial, audit reviews, and personalised educational supervision in case of difficulties.
  • Academic staff from the most prestigious foreign universities, with a recognized international reputation in their research areas, as well as legal practitioners, leaders in their strategic positions.

Career opportunities

Most legal careers require long studies (bachelor and master). The Bachelor in Law at the University of Luxembourg leads to several master programmes in law with different specialisations, either abroad or in Luxembourg. Luxembourg’s transnational Bachelor in Law, through its intercultural approach and its flexibility, has the advantage of better preparing students for continuing their studies in a variety fields and in different countries.

Entry requirements

Access to the Bachelor in Law requires a secondary school diploma and is subject to a numerus clausus.

  • Diploma: to apply to the Bachelor in Law, it is required to hold a secondary school diploma in Luxembourg (classic, European, international or technical high school) or abroad (in this case the diploma should be first recognised as equivalent to Luxembourg’s by the Luxembourg Ministry of national education).
  • Numerus clausus: the programme can only welcome a limited number of genuinely motivated students. If the number of applicants is above 180 on the closing date of registrations into the first year, candidates will be selected according to linguistic capacity, motivation and past academic performance.

Your application should include: a CV, a cover letter in French , school performance the past three years , any document relating to any useful work experience and , finally, an " essay " to write in English 1000 words on a legal topic of your choice , which can be chosen from this list to download.


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Course directors


Programme at a glance

  • 6 semesters (180 ECTS)
  • 400 €/semester
    (Semesters 1&2)
  • 200 €/semester
    (Semesters 3 to 6)
  • Teaching languages: French (90%) and English
  • Campus Belval (virtual tour)