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Bachelor en gestion

The law of 2003 establishing the University of Luxembourg specifies that a bachelor’s degree may only be awarded if the student enrolled at the University has completed a compulsory period of study at a higher education institution abroad. The University of Luxembourg has set this compulsory mobility period to a minimum of one semester.

In concrete terms, the student studies for one semester at a university abroad


The benefits of academic mobility

The mobility semester at a foreign university allows students to:

  1. Enhance the value of their own study programme
  2. Develop specific skills for understanding the economic and social culture of the destination country
  3. Adapt to the requirements of the European and international labour market
  4. Have an additional asset when pursuing a Master’s degree or looking or a work placement
  5. Develop open-mindedness, language skills, autonomy and discover a new method of learning


I am planning my mobility project

 The study abroad semester is not decided last minute! It is a personal project that is needs to be thought out and well-constructed. To ensure that your mobility semester goes smoothly, we recommend that you start planning it from your very first year!

Find more information on how to prepare your semester abroad on the FDEF outgoing mobility webpages:


When can I do my semester abroad?

  1. If I have been admitted into the 1st year, I will do my semester abroad during the 3rd or 4th semester. If I do my specialisation in the area of “Banking Management” or “Insurance Management”, I will do my semester abroad during the 3rd semester. If I register for the “Business Management” specialisation, my mobility term will take place in the 4th semester. A mobility during the 5th  semester is only possible within the Global Exchange programme.
  2. If I have been admitted into the 2nd year, I will complete my mobility in the 4th semester.

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