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Bachelor en gestion

The Bachelor in Management (applied) comprises a mandatory placement to complete the degree course of a minimum of 14 weeks up to a maximum of 6 months from the start of the second semester.

The placement to complete the degree course gives students the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the world of business and carry out tasks relating to management in the broader sense.

Placement students are supported and supervised by a placement manager or other professional responsible for placements at the company, who supervises the writing of the report and its despatch to the university.
Students must prepare a report on their placement and undergo a viva voce examination. The placement manager or other professional responsible for placements at the company and the academic staff member responsible for placements (professor or director of studies) will assess students on the basis of their placement, written report and viva voce examination.
On the strength of its privileged relationship with the business community and location as well as the presence of renowned contributors, the University of Luxembourg offers a unique opportunity for students to take up placements in European institutions, banks, trust companies, auditing and consultancy companies and with service providers.

In 2013-2014, 123 students were offered an internship thanks to our partners.

Students who have been unable to arrange a placement should advise their director of studies and the placement coordinator, who will propose a solution, for example:

  • Correction of the CV and covering letter by the placement coordinator
  • Contacting companies that are likely to offer placements for students
  • Preparing a dissertation, the subject of which will be set by one of the professors teaching the course

Students will receive support and supervision from the relevant professor or other academic staff member responsible for the dissertation.

Contact :

Nadège Meyer-Hamy
Internship coordinator