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Bachelor en Sciences Économiques et de Gestion

> Teaching languages: French (60%) and English (40%)

Course aims

The Bachelor en Sciences Économiques et de Gestion is a three-year degree course (1st stage of the new European system of university education). It provides basic knowledge of economics and management, building on sound methodology. This course also introduces students to related and complementary disciplines, including politics, history, law and finance, with the aim of enhancing their awareness of different aspects of current economic issues.


The three years (six semesters) of the Bachelor course are organised by the University of Luxembourg.
A mandatory mobility period of a minimum of one semester at a university abroad is required by the Law on the establishment of the University of Luxembourg. For students who start their studies at the University of Luxembourg, this stay abroad must take place in the 3rd, 4th or 5th semester. To facilitate mobility, the University has concluded agreements with host universities.

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Specific features of the Bachelor en Sciences Économiques et de Gestion degree

  • In order to achieve optimum training for students, certain modules, especially in the first year of the course, are taught in small groups.
  • The fifth semester comprises an option-based module with specialised courses in law and management.
  • The sixth semester comprises an introductory module to finance.

Career paths

Masters degree in applied economics or management, Masters degree in economics or management in preparation of more in-depth research, business school etc. Professional careers: in the various banking segments, corporate management as well as national, regional and local government offices.

The achievement of good results in this degree course provides access to the Master in Economics course at the University of Luxembourg.

Admission criteria

Access to the first year of the Bachelor degree course is open to students with a secondary school leaving certificate or certificate from a technical college, or diploma or certificate from a foreign education organisation recognised as equivalent by the Luxembourg minister whose remit includes education. Admission to the first year is limited to 180 students. Admission criteria: Student's results for the previous and current year and a letter of motivation.

Course directors


Programme at a glance

  • 6 semesters
  • 400 €/semester
    (Semesters 1&2)
  • 200€/semester
    (Semesters 3 to 6)
  • Teaching languages: French (70%) and English (30%)