Bachelor in Economics

The Bachelor en Sciences Économiques is a three-year degree course (1st stage of the new European system of university education), corresponding to 6 semesters.

Each semester is divided into 2 modules: all 1st and 2nd year courses are compulsory.

The 5th semester includes an interdisciplinary elective module (choice for a total of 12ECTS), consisting of specialized courses in law, economics and management.

In the 6th semester, 2 tracks will be offered to students: Finance or Strategy and Innovation, completed by a module common to both tracks.

Detailed information and course updates for registered students can be found on the E-Learning platform “Moodle”. (identification is required)

Timetables are available to registered students on their personal student desk (guichet étudiant).

Semester 1 (Winter 2021-2022)

Lecture (hours)Exercise (hours)ECTS
TOTAL (mandatory / optional) 0 / 0 0 / 0 0 / 0
Microéconomie I : consommateur et firme
Module 1A : Fondements45 20 7
Comptes nationaux
Module 1A : Fondements20 3
Management des entreprises
Module 1A : Fondements30 4
Mathématiques I : analyse
Module 1A : Fondements 45 6
Mathematics 1: calculus
Module 1A : Fondements 45 6
Introduction au droit
Module 1B : Ouverture30 3
Histoire économique et sociale contemporaine
Module 1B : Ouverture45 4
Problèmes économiques et sociaux contemporains
Module 1B : Ouverture30 3