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Master in European Economic and Financial Criminal Law (LL.M.)

Career opportunities

Upon successful completion of the programme, foreign students may, of course, choose to return to their home country to practice law in accordance with its specific rules. They may also choose to stay in Luxembourg to seek a position at a national, European, or international institution, a private or commercial bank or financial institution or, once appropriately qualified, with one of Luxembourg’s many law firms or as a member of the judiciary.

Unless already qualified as a lawyer in another EU Member State, to work as a lawyer in Luxembourg, a graduate of the programme must first successfully pass Luxembourg’s bar exam: it requires proficiency in 20 legal subjects as well as familiarity with the Luxembourgish language. The required preparatory course, the Cours complémentaires en droit luxembourgeois or ‘CCDL’, usually starts in October, continues for approximately six months, and includes two sets of written exams, one taking place in early January and the other in mid-March. Further information regarding the CCDL may be found on theMinistry of Justice website: http://www.mj.public.lu/professions/avocat/stage_judiciaire/index.html.

Those graduates who are already qualified lawyers in another EU Member State need not take Luxembourg’s bar exam, but must still register with the Luxembourg bar.

Graduates in the field do not typically have a problem finding a high-quality job in Luxembourg. Compensation levels in Luxembourg are competitive when compared to those of other countries.

Graduates wishing to further specialise in the field may also choose to undertake further study. PhD candidate positions are regularly available at the University of Luxembourg.