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LL.M. First year
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Master in European Private Law (LL.M.)


The Master in European Law, specialization in European Private Law, offers the students the opportunity to take a 3 month internship for their last semester, starting in April.

The internship is made up with 480 working hours, split in 40 hours per week. Students shall be motivated, but also curious and personally involved, in order to put into practice the knowledge they have gathered during their courses.

The internship, aiming to complete the degree course, is a perfect occasion for students to identify the kind of work or missions they are able to apply to, be it after their last year of Master, or following an extra year to access the lawyer’s functions.

During his internship, the trainee is guided and overseen by a professional tutor from the company and his course director.

The intern is required to write a report, completed by a viva voce examination to his course director, but also a teacher from the Research Unit in Law.

18 ECT'S are granted following the report’s redaction and the viva voce examination, in the framework of a final oral examination.

The privileged relationships with the renowned law firm of Luxembourg, as well as the collaboration with leading speakers from the legal sector offer a unique opportunity for students to take their internship in:

● Specialised law firms in

  • Substantive private law : contracts, companies, persons and family
  • Procedural Law and Private International Law
  • Comparative law of Member States

● Services companies whose activity is linked to regulatory or governance requirements


Nadège Meyer-Hamy 

Internships coordinator