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Master in Logistics and Supply Chain Management



Application deadlines  September 2019 intake are now closed. If you are willing to apply for our next intake (September 2020) admissions will open in October 2019





Required documents

The following information is critical to your understanding of our admissions process and to the preparation of your application. Below is a list of all the documents needed to complete your application:

  • Copy of your passport
  • Detailed résumé: Relevant work experience weighs heavily in admission decisions. Applicants must supply a current résumé. The résumé should be in the standard format, including academic degree information with GPA information following each degree.
  • 1 page motivation letter: Applicants must give their reasons for wishing to do graduate work in supply chain management. Please prepare your statement of objectives and goals in whatever form clearly presents your views. Include as best you can, your particular interests, be they experimental, theoretical, or issue-oriented, and show how your background and our programme support these interests. Explain your long-term professional goals. The Admissions Committee welcomes any factors concerning your academic and work experience to date. The statement must be 500 words maximum or 1 to 1.5 pages of single spaced text. The statement should describe how you think, see and feel about the world and your professional objectives. You should set forth the issues or problems you want to address in the course of your studies, and the setting in which you eventually see yourself working professionally. Your honors, extracurricular activities, and other experiences can be integrated into your Statement of Objectives. Tell the Admissions Committee how and why what you have done relates to what you propose to study at the Luxembourg Centre for Logistics ans Supply Chain Management, and what you plan to do professionally in the future. Do not re-create your CV or resume.
  • Grades transcripts diploma copies (pdfs): Applicants may submit unofficial transcripts as part of their application in the first step. Applicants admitted to the programme must provide official copies of all undergraduate and graduate programmes they have participated in to date.
  • Diploma(s) copies (pdfs)
  • Names and contact details of your references (1 business and 1 academic)
  • English test results (IELTS/TOEIC/TOEFL): note that native english speakers or candidates who graduated their latest diploma in English are exempted.





For more details about the full admissions requirements, please visit our requirements page.

Do not miss our grants for the Master’s programme, please visit our funding page

If you apply to more than one master part of the MIT SCALE Network, we kindly invite you to apply via GradApply.


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