Master in Logistics and Supply Chain Management


Prior academic education

Diversity in the student body is an important characteristic of the SCALE programmes. Applicants are expected to have an aptitude for analytical thinking. They do not need to have an undergraduate degree in engineering. We invite students of all disciplines to apply. Beyond education, relevant work experience will weigh heavily in the admissions decision.

In order to be eligible for the programme, the applicant needs to hold a Master’s equivalent degree, or a 4 or 5-year Bachelor’s degree (a minimum of 240 ECTS). Alternatively, candidates with a 3-year Bachelor degree (180 ECTS) might be admitted, if they have gained sufficient work experience that is deemed relevant and equivalent to the missing 60 ECTS.

Analytical capabilities weigh heavily in admission decisions. Please provide evidence of analytical capability through grades and/or other means such as the GRE/GMAT or micro-master grades.

Non EU/EEA prospective students: please check the student and work visa requirements.

Ten months of challenging coursework, latest research, and industry interaction equip LSCM Master graduates with the skills that companies seek in an increasingly complex and dynamic marketplace. Become one of them!



Student and work visa

Non EU/EEA Students are advised to carefully read the contents of this section concerning requirements for student visas, validating prior academic degrees and diplomas. In addition, some information is provided concerning the possibility of obtaining a work visa in Luxembourg after earning their Master degrees.

  • Student visas

Non EU/EEA students are advised to obtain complete information from the Luxembourg authorities and their consular offices, and to allow sufficient time for student visa application procedures to be completed. In particular, it is strongly recommended to:

  • allow at least three months for completion of the visa application procedures and receipt of a student visa;
  • consult local consular offices of Luxembourg (or a consular office of another country representing Luxembourg for consular affairs) or other competent authorities to obtain complete information regarding student visa application requirements;
  • carefully read and follow the requirements specified in the University of Luxembourg’s web site, concerning the validation of prior academic degrees and diplomas.


  • Work visas

Non-EU students having completed their studies are entitled to obtain a Luxembourg work permit for a duration of maximum two years beginning in the period immediately following the completion of their degree. The procedure is simple and requires the student to present a contract from an employer. The work contract must be related to their area of study.