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Master in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

New Track in Digital Procurement

The Track in Digital Procurement prepares students of the MIT SCALE Master in Logistics and Supply Chain Management for a professional career in global procurement organizations. The track offers student a unique combination of an academic education in operations management with the study of digitalization and its impact on procurement. The track is actively supported by the CPO Club, an organisation composed of chief procurement officers from multiple multinational companies (Amazon, ArcelorMittal, Delphi, Ferrero, Leaseplan, SES, and Vodafone) that operate their procurement organization from Luxembourg.



Chair Holder: Nils LÖHNDORF




The track specifically targets two groups:

  1. International early career professionals or consultants of manufacturing or service companies who want to move into a procurement function or who want to improve their career prospects by acquiring competences in digital procurement.
  2. Bachelor graduates from the EU with an excellent record and an interest in tech mindset who want to start a career in procurement.











Master programme timeline





  • Students who graduate from the track benefit from many local employment opportunities due to Luxembourg’s position as European procurement hub.
  • Students are offered immediate access to large procurement organizations located in Luxembourg through frequent interactions in courses, seminars, as well as a joint thesis project with a corporate partner.
  • Courses are tailored to small class sizes and interactive sessions that combine academic with professional training which is accompanied by field trips, industry seminars, and on-site project work.
  • Students have the unique opportunity to apply what they have learned by conducting a real-world project together with an industrial partner.  which is guided by their academic supervisor together with a mentor from industry.

 Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the track, students will have acquired the following competences, professional skills, and know-how:

  • Understand key procurement concept (direct and indirect procurement, strategic and transactional procurement, category management, contracts and tenders, supplier relationship management, compliance and governance),
  • Understand how procurement generates value and how digitalization contributes to this,
  • Know best practices in procurement as well as the latest trends in its digitalization,
  • Ability to mathematically formalize and solve business problems that arise in procurement,
  • Ability to derive value from data through data science and machine learning,
  • Ability to apply scientific methods to address a relevant and pressing problem in a real procurement organisation.

An important learning outcome marks the creation of new knowledge through a close collaboration between academics and practitioners from the CPO club through joint workshops, industry seminars, and thesis projects.

Detailed Curriculum

During the summer semester starting, in addition to the core courses, students will have the opportunity to select a variety of courses to build an “à la carte” module.







Semester 3 (Winter 2023-2024)

Lecture (hours)Exercise (hours)ECTS
TOTAL (mandatory / optional) 0 / 0 0 / 0 0 / 0
Analytical Methods and Data Science
Core courses76 7
Inventory Management
Core courses36 4
Supply Chain Resilience
Core courses12 0
Supply Chain Management
Core courses48 4
Personal Presence, Communication and Networking
Transferable skill courses24 1
Professional business Networking
Transferable skill courses36 1
Project Management in Supply Chains
Transferable skill courses20 1
Interview practice
Transferable skill courses4 0
Selected Topics in Digital Procurement
Track in Digital Procurement40 3
Fundamentals of Procurement
Track in Digital Procurement24 3
Supply Network Design
Track in Digital Procurement24 2
Thesis preparation
Master Thesis18 4

Semester 4 (Summer 2022-2023)

Lecture (hours)Exercise (hours)ECTS
TOTAL (mandatory / optional) 0 / 0 0 / 0 0 / 0
Supply Chain Finance
Core courses40 3
Professional Business Networking
Transferable skill courses27 1
Introduction to Supply Chain Leadership
Transferable skill courses33 2
Procurement Management
Track in Digital Procurement18 2
Negotiation in Procurement
Track in Digital Procurement21 2
Airline Fleet and Network Planning
Customized track24 2
Operations Strategy
Customized track24 2
Applied Machine Learning
Customized track18 2
Pricing and Revenue Management
Customized track24 2
Optimal Decision Making
Customized track24 2
Sustainability in Logistics Operations
Customized track24 2
Stochastic Models of Supply Chain Operations
Customized track30 2
Stochastic-dynamic Programming
Customized track21 2
Individual research project
Customized track0 4
Master Thesis
Master Thesis0 11
Thesis preparation
Master Thesis13.5 3

Please note that the course details provided above are indicative and can be adapted.


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