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Master in Wealth Management

Eligibility Criteria

Earlier academic qualifications according to article 12 of the Law establishing the University of Luxembourg :

  • Master’s I degree (240 ECTS), or
  • four-year Bachelor’s degree (240 ECTS), or
  • three-year Bachelor’s degree (180 ECTS) with 3 years’ relevant professional experience in Wealth Management;

Applicants must demonstrate they have sufficient knowledge of English. They must provide evidence that one the following applies:

  • being a national of an English-speaking country or
  • having a degree that was taught in English or
  • having a speaking and listening qualification in English at a level of at least B2, as long as this qualification is not more than 2 years old"

Admission criteria

  • CV demonstrating pertinent interest, aptitude and capacity for Master in Wealth Management;
  • Previous academic results and/or work experience;
  • Convincing cover letter, demonstrating a real evidence of motivation;
  • Active knowledge of English


Application Procedure

To apply for the MWM, please refer to the following link for EU and the following for non-Eu.

Then select "Online Registration" and, after two steps, select "Master in Wealth Management - Full Time - Semestre 3 - FT".   At end of this procedure you will be asked to fill out an additional application form. Please send this, together with

  • An identity photograph
  • A copy of your passport
  • A copy of your health insurance card (or of a certificate of affiliation with a social security scheme, indicating the period of validity)
  • A copy of your university diploma (translated if not in English, French or German)
  • A copy of your grade transcripts (translated if not in English, French or German)
  • An employment certificate or proof of employment (only if you do not have a Master’s I or four year Bachelor’s degree (240 ECTS))
  • A detailed CV
  • A filled out application form, which you were directed to at the final page of your registration process

to mwm@uni.lu.


On-line applications :

Full-time and part-time

  • Non-EEA/CH :  January 15th  to April 30th   (Documents must be received by May 7th)  
  • EEA/CH : January 15th to June 29th (Documents must be received by July 9th)

Note :  Non-EEA/CH passport holders already resident in Luxembourg benefit from the EEA/CH application period 

On-line applications introduced prior to the following dates will be grouped in separate admissions processes.  As there are a limited number of places, it is strongly recommended to apply as early as possible, as this will increase the chances of admittance.  Documents must be received at the latest seven calendar days after each date in order to be considered in the respective groups.

  • February 9th
  • March 16th
  • April 30th
  • June 29th


The overall maximum number of candidates admitted to the programme is 30.

Students can apply for either:

  • The full time programme,
  • The part-time programme.