Master in Wealth Management


Wealth Management refers to the provision of customised financial services, such as portfolio management and financial planning, to High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs). Wealth managers are advisors that are experts in finance, taxation, estate planning and risk management. They closely follow their clients’ personal and financial circumstances and understand their preferences and goals.

Wealth Management is a line of business of banks, trusts, insurance companies, foundations and family offices, offering a wide range of professional career opportunities in the areas of portfolio management, investment advisory, compliance, relationship management, estate planning, tax, legal, product management, and others.

Wealth Management is an important and growing sector with wealth pools expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 6% and reach $220tr by 2021. 

With €400 billion  assets under management in 2017, Luxembourg is the largest wealth management centre in the Eurozone.  For additional statistics on Wealth Management in Luxembourg see:

Despite the high growth of global wealth and wealth management services, very few dedicated degree courses on the discipline exist.  The University of Luxembourg's Master in Wealth Management is one of the world's pioneering Master's courses in Wealth Management.



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