Master in Wealth Management



„After finishing studies and having a few years of work experience as a financial analyst in the construction and real estate industry, I started searching for a programme which is more practically oriented and gives the opportunity to earn international experience at the same time as earning the degree. Interest in financial areas such as private banking and managing wealth of HNWI, brought me to Luxembourg. Luxembourg is a hub for the private banking and investment fund industries and is the place of excellence and huge opportunities for young and ambitious people ready to learn and a start career. So, the Luxembourg School of Finance and its Master in Wealth Management programme was the right choice.
Overall, the MWM programme is very intensive, broad and highly practical. It gives students insight to the products available on the financial market for HNWI, how to manage their portfolios, how to choose right legal structure for the client, what are tax implications for such an investment and training in the soft skills required to be wealth manager. The well-known professors, lots of case studies and practical projects helped me to understand the practical concepts of managing wealth for HNWI and the variety of networking events and seminars exclusively created for MWM students gave me an opportunity to meet practitioners. During the module abroad in Singapore I learned a lot about wealth management in Asia. I also represented the School for CFA Research challenge, and we received great support from
CFA Society of Luxembourg, which has the collaboration with School. Finally, every student is given the industry mentor, experienced private banker, who will share his/her own experience.“
Milos Bijeljic, Class of 2013
Schroders Investment Management.





„Initially graduated in Politics and Law, I gained several years of experience in project management in the Investment Fund sector. II decided to join the MWM because of the excellent reputation of the LSF and its connections with the industry, its structure (technical courses, legal-compliance, soft skills) and international lectures (academics and practitioners) In parallel to acceptance in the MWM, I was hired by Banque de Luxembourg. This enabled me to study (part-time MWM) and directly apply the acquired knowledge (part-time job). The part-time option thus offered me an immediate added value.”
Laure Proust, Chargée de missions (Private Banking) / Banque de Luxembourg
Part-time student of the class of 2013





“The Master offers a vision on future Wealth Management needs. It allows you to learn different aspects of Wealth Management in its entirety, preparing you to be an expert in this growing field.
I mostly enjoyed the quality of the courses and the teaching staff. The lectures were given by renowned academics and professionals in Wealth Management, which allows you immediately associate theory into practice. In addition, the flexibility and support that we received from the School is not negligible. It’s difficult to find it at any other school.
The LSF provides the students plenty of opportunities for networking and career advice. We have been emerged in a stimulating environment where we have met many professionals from around the world. Given all these reasons, I think the career opportunities are promising. “
Lidia Schmierer, Class of 2013





„Being a lawyer who had studied and practised outside of the European Union, I had reached a point where the urge to expand my horizons came to me. Clearly seeing a way of bringing my legal education to a more financial context, I started to get interested in the wealth management industry. This is when the Luxembourg School of Finance and its Master in Wealth Management caught my attention.
I noticed that the curriculum offered such a variety of courses that it enabled to complete the academic training of people from different backgrounds, thus providing a true career opportunity in wealth management. It is in my opinion a perfect combination of pure finance with other important themes such as real estate, taxation, estate planning, communication skills and etiquette.
The Master in Wealth Management completely lived up to my expectations. If you are energetic and curious, eager to learn more, then this programme is the right one! Not only does it provide practical and up to date knowledge, but it also offers unique opportunities to meet high-ranking professionals from all over the world.
This is of crucial significance in Wealth Management and Private Banking as they are heavily networked areas.
In our class we were 29 students from 17 different countries. It is very appreciable to be able to meet and even become friends with such a diversified group of people,
perhaps even future partners! Not to mention that with such a small number of pupils a more particular attention was given to each and every one of us throughout our learning. Another benefit from this Master is the fact that it is not purely academic namely that it prepares for the ground to which we are confronted after graduation. In addition the courses were taught mostly by reputed practitioners or professors, if I could I would even take some of the courses again!”
Tatiana Sakun, Class of 2013, Intern
Edmond de Rothschild (Europe)