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Bachelor en Cultures Européennes

Due to the exceptional situation, the University of Luxembourg has adapted its applications process, and amendments to our admissions requirements can been made. 

General Application Procedures

General amendments to ordinary procedures are marked [COVID-19]. 

Step 1: Choosing your specialisation

The Bachelor en Cultures Européennes has five specialisations. Make sure you check our programme-specific requirements and procedures before you start the application process (see below).

Step 2: Starting your application online

Once you have chosen your specialisation, you will have to start your application on the online system. You will find the link to the application pages in the "Apply" section of each specialisation (see below).

Step 3: Make a note of your "Student ID Number"

Once you have completed your online application, the system will issue you a list of required documents and next steps. This document also contains a temporary Student ID Number. Please include your Student ID Number in all your communications with the University.

Step 4: Submit your application by email to [COVID-19]

Please submit your complete application file by email to Please do NOT submit any encrypted documents.

Step 5: Completing your application (when you are still waiting for documents)

You may still be waiting for your diplomas or other documents. Please do NOT wait until you have all the documents to submit your application via email, but send what you have and include a list of pending documents that you will provide at a later date. Make sure you include your Student ID Number each time you submit a new document via email (


International / Non-EU Applicants

For the duration of the COVID-19 crisis, amendments to the ordinary international application procedures and criteria have been made. 

Eligibility Criteria [COVID-19]

The eligibility criteria for non-EU applicants are listed here.

Extension of Application Deadlines for International / Non-EU Applicants [COVID-19]

Deadlines for non-EU applications have been extended: the deadline for online registration is 11 May (instead of 26 April). The deadline for submitting the file by email is 18 May (instead of 3 May).


Applying to the Bachelor en Cultures Européennes

Please contact the BCE Admissions Team if you have questions relating to your application, required documents, language requirements, or procedures:

Once you have made up your mind about which specialisation you want to apply for, please check out our programme-specific procedures and requirements. To find out more, please click on the specialisation of your choice. 

Bachelor en Cultures Européennes: English Studies
Bachelor en Cultures Européennes: Etudes françaises
Bachelor en Cultures Européennes: Germanistik
Bachelor en Cultures Européennes: Histoire
Bachelor en Cultures Européennes: Philosophie