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Bachelor en Cultures Européennes

Common Curriculum in European Cultures

The Bachelor en Cultures Européennes combines one of five specialisations with an integrated reflection on the origins, development and future(s) of Europe and European cultures. In this section, you will find the courses that contribute to the Common Curriculum in European Cultures of the BCE (Year of Entry 2018 or earlier: Interdisciplinary Framework / Rahmenstudium / Etudes interdisciplinaires). 

Please make sure you consult the documents below to guide you through the programme.

Year of Entry: 2019

If you started your studies in September 2019, please consult the documents below:

Year of Entry: 2018 or earlier

If you started your studies in September 2018 or earlier, please consult the documents below:

Please note: in the new structure, some courses have been assigned a new ECTS weighting. Please refer to your semester-specific Module Structures for further detail.

Incoming Exchange Students

Please use the current course catalogues to choose your courses and draft your initial Learning Agreement. Our offer may have changed by the time you arrive in Luxembourg and you will be able to update your Learning Agreement at that point. 


Cultures Européennes / European Cultures (Winter 2020-2021)

Semester Lecture (hours)Exercise (hours)ECTS
Einführung in die lateinische Sprache I
Module 021020101156 4
Initiation au Latin I
Module 021020202156 4
Latin vulgaire
Module 021020404128 4
Literatur und Philosophie der Aufklärung
Module 031030101128 4
Virliesungsrei Kulturgeschicht Lëtzebuerg
Module 041040101128 4
Histoire de bulles
Module 051050101128 3
Introduction to Computational Text Analysis and Text Interpretation
Module 051050202128 3
Video History Analysis
Module 051050303130 3
Kunstgeschichte im europäischen Kontext
Module 051050404128 3
Musik im Film
Module 051050505122 3
Gender Studies I
Module 061060101128 3
Einführung in die Kultur- und Sozialanthropologie
Module 061060202128 3
Cultural Heritage
Module 061060404128 3
Introduction à la sociologie
Module 061060505126 3
Littérature italienne I
Module 071070101126 3
Civilisation italienne I. Le cinéma italien
Module 071070202128 3
Traditions et coutumes de la gastronomie italienne
Module 071070303128 3
Littérature portugaise I
Module 071070404128 3
Culture portugaise I
Module 071070505126 3
Diskurse und Theorien zum Lehrerberuf in der Literatur, dem Film und den Erziehungswissenschaften
Module 081080101128 3
L'Europe médiévale I : Civilisation médiévale
Module 023020101326 4
Engaging the Enlightenment: An Interdisciplinary Approach
Module 203200101328 8
Multilingualism in Europe
Module 203200202328 8
Droits de l'homme. Approches interdisciplinaires / Interdisciplinary Approaches to Human Rights
Module 203200303328 8