Bachelor en Cultures Européennes - Études françaises

Motivation letter

The motivation letter is a key piece of your application. It allows you to specify why you are interested in joining our programme and think about what you expect out of the studies you are about to undertake. For us, your letter allows us to gauge your suitability for our programme.

Your motivation letter must respond to the following questions:

1. What are your motivations for wanting to join the BCE - Études françaises? (350-400 words)

This part of the motivation letter is the most important one, as it traces why you are interested in joining the Études françaises programme.

What are your personal or educational reasons for wanting to join a French language and literature programme? Are there any texts or authors that particularly influenced you? You can also specify other aspects of French language and culture that you found interesting.

2. Expectations and goals (250-300 words)

This paragraph invites you to relate your goals and expectations to our programme. Please note that you do not have to specify future professional goals (potential career, etc.)

What are your expectations for our programme? Here, you can present your personal interest in French culture, language and/or literature. What are the theoretical approaches that particularly interest you? (text studies, linguistic analysis, close reading, literature history, etc.) Do not hesitate to choose another course offered in our overarching framework ( to show what interests you.

3. Bachelor en Cultures Européennes: Interdisciplinary and multilingual (150-200 words)

Please specify how you think the Cultures Européennes classes ( will figure in your continued studies.

The BCE is an interdisciplinary and multilingual programme, which allows you to pick one third of your classes (60 ECTS / 180) in the Cultures Européennes framework. You will encounter Philosophy and History, but also classes in English, German, Italian and Portuguese languages and literature.


Attention! Remember to:

  • please indicate your full name and Personal Identifier (number) issued by the University of Luxembourg during your online application.
  • make sure you check your motivation letter for language errors before you submit it. An eloquent and proofread level of French is expected.
  • make sure your motivation letter is between 750 and 900 words. Letters that exceed this limit will be disqualified