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Bachelor en Cultures Européennes - Philosophie

National and EU Applicants

National and EU applicants, or applicants with EU qualifications, can choose between the early application window (15 March -15 April) and standard application window (15 April - 15 May). Please note that we will consider your application even if you have not yet obtained your school leaving certificate. In this case, if your application is successful, we will make you a conditional offer. The earlier you apply, the greater your chances of being admitted to the programme.  

IMPORTANT! Please note that the application procedure comprises two steps: (1) online application and (2) file submission. Once you have completed your online application, you will receive instructions for the next step

National / EU Early Application (September 2021 Entry)

  • Online Application: 15.03.2021-15.04.2021. 
  • File submission deadline: 22.04.2021.

National / EU Standard Application (September 2021 Entry)

  • Online Application: 15.04.2021-15.05.2021.
  • File submission deadline: 22.05.2021.

National / EU Late Application (September 2021 Entry)

  • Online Application: 01.07.2021-25.07.2021.
  • File submission deadline: 01.08.2021.
Read the Application Guidelines for EU Applicants
National/EU Applicants: Apply Online