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Bachelor en Sciences de l'Education - Guide Pratique des Temps de Terrain et du Portofolio 2022-23
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Bachelor en Sciences de l'Éducation

The University of Luxembourg has adopted the principle of international student mobility as set out in the Bologna agreements (1999). Mobility is a real academic and personal enrichment for the student.

Every student enrolled in a Bachelor's degree is obliged to spend at least one semester in a partner university. For the Bachelor in Education, this mobility semester must take place between the 3rd and 4th semesters.


There are two types of agreements under which students can spend their mobility semester

  • ERASMUS agreements
    Erasmus agreements are aimed at the exchange of students (mobility) between two partner universities within the European Union. Funding for these mobility semesters is available and can be granted to outgoing students.
  • Framework agreements 
    Framework agreements concern any partnership outside the ERASMUS agreement and include student exchanges, researcher exchanges and partnerships on research projects.


The semester portfolio must also be completed during the mobility semester.

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