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Dépliant de la formation 2023
BAP Vorlesungsverzeichnis Wintersemester 2022-2023
Modulhandbuch bis 2021-2022
Modulhandbuch ab 2022-2023
BAP Vorlesungsverzeichnis Sommersemester 2022-2023
BAP Admission Guide 2023

Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Every year a maximum of 80 students will be admitted to the first year of the "Bachelor of Science in Psychology" (BAP).

Successful applicants will be selected on the basis of a personal motivation letter. In addition, applicants may be invited to a multilingual interview. This admission procedure allows us to bring together  students with a wide-ranging interest in psychology and a high degree of willingness to learn.

If you are planning to apply for the BAP, please check first whether you meet the entry requirements. However, it is at least as important that you know what to expect before you take up your psychology studies. Click here to find out more about studying psychology in general and about the BAP in particular.
If you are convinced the BAP programme is just what you were looking for, click here to get more information on how to register and on the selection procedure.