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BAP Admission Guide 2022

Bachelor of Science in Psychology

In contrast to many other universities, the average mark on your final transcript from secondary school is not our first criteria when it comes to admission. In fact, we are more interested in each applicant’s motivation. Therefore, in addition to the usual application documents, we require you to send us a detailed, personal motivation letter as well as a curriculum vitae in tabular form.


Applicants from EU countries have the possibility to apply for the BAP either in application phase 1 or in application phase 2. If the diploma of your school leaving certificate is already available at the end of application phase 1, we strongly advise you to apply during this phase.

For applicants from EU countries:

1. online registration:                            01.03.2022 - 01.05.2022
2. submission of application documents: until 08.05.2022
3. interviews:                                       02.05.2022 - 10.06.2022
4. feedback of the study programme:     by mid-June 2022
1. online registration:                            01.06.2022 - 01.07.2022
2. submission of application documents: until 14.07.2022
3. interviews:                                       11.06.2022 - 05.08.2022
4. feedback of the study programme:     by the beginning of August 2022

For applicants from non-EU countries:

1. online registration:                             01.02.2022 -30.04.2022
2. submission of application documents:  until 07.05.2022
3. interviews:                                        02.05.2022 - 10.06.2022
4. feedback of the study programme:      by mid-June 2022


Step 1: Online registration

If you would like to apply for a place on the BAP, you must first complete an online enrolment here:

Please note the deadlines for the online registration: Application documents can only be uploaded after your online registration.
Processing fee: The University of Luxembourg will introduce a processing fee as of  2022. The fee is set at 50 EUR per application (applicants can apply for admission to a maximum of three study programmes at the University of Luxembourg; the maximum fee per applicant is therefore 150 EUR). Successful applicants enrolling in a programme will have the fee deducted from the first semester's enrolment fees. The processing fee is not refundable if the application is rejected.

Step 2: Application documents

After your online registration, you will be informed which application documents you have to submit (upload) electronically.
Please note: The evaluation of an application (acceptance, rejection or invitation to an additional interview) can only take place once the selection committee has received all the required documents.

Letter of Motivation

Please make sure that your letter of motivation contains detailed information on the following points. Your letter of motivation should address the following questions:

1. Please describe your school career and your curriculum vitae.

  • What was your school career like? Did it include a specialisation in the final years at secondary school? If so, which? Which subjects did you take at Higher level (as opposed to Standard level)? Please provide details on the course level and the results obtained in mathematics and biology in particular.
  • Have you been working as a volunteer or pursuing a professional activity after successfully completing secondary school (e.g. occupational area, temporary jobs, work placements/internships, “voluntary social year”? If so, what were they? Did any of the activities include working in the social / psychological sector?
  • "How are your language skills in French, German and English?" If available, please enclose language certificates or other documents documenting your level.

2. Please state in detail the reasons for your personal interest in psychology.

  • Why do you plan to embark on an undergraduate course in psychology?
  • What made you want to study psychology?
  • What personal experiences do you already have in this area?
  • What are your personal expectations with regard to studying psychology?
  • What are your personal goals once you have been awarded your bachelor’s degree?
  • What would be your alternatives (e.g. in terms of other places of study or other disciplines)?

3. Please explain what you know about the studies in psychology.

  • "How and where did you try to find out more about study programmes in psychology?“
  • What did you find out during this research?
  • "With respect to the programme, which subjects are you particularly interested in?"
  • In your opinion, what are, in terms of content, the main focuses of the "Bachelor of Science in Psychology" at the University of Luxembourg?

4. To what extent did your research influence your wish to study psychology?

5. What other argument could make your application successful?

  • What else should the selection committee in your opinion know about your wish to study psychology?

The letter of motivation can be written in German or French. It is also possible to submit a bilingual (German / French) or trilingual (German / French / English) letter of motivation.
We do not specify a certain number of pages, but it goes without saying that you can hardly go below the length of two pages if you give meaningful answers to all the questions asked of you. On the other hand, you should not write too long, but be as concise as possible.
Tip: It must be clear from your letter of motivation that you have made your decision to apply for the BAP based on a clear and comprehensive picture of psychology studies. The following link will show you what you can do to inform yourself well about studying psychology:

Curriculum Vitae:

Please write your CV in tabular form


Step 3: Interview (does not apply to applicants who have either already been accepted or rejected after step 2)

Applicants who have not already been accepted or rejected after step 2 will also be invited to an personal, possibly multilingual, interview of about 30 minutes.


The invitation to the interview will be sent to the email address provided during the online registration. Please enter an email address that you consult regularly - this will ensure that you do not miss the invitation to the  interview. To be on the safe side, please also be sure to check the spam folder of your email inbox regularly!

Step 4: Feedback of the study programme

Applicants who have been accepted or rejected after step 2, i.e. who have not been invited to an interview, will be informed in writing about their acceptance or rejection.
Applicants who have been invited to an interview will be informed verbally about their acceptance or rejection immediately after the interview and will also receive a written notification.