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Certificate in Sustainable Development and Social Innovation - dépliant

Certificate in Sustainable Development and Social Innovation


  • Professionals: the Certificate is designed to be compatible with a full-time job.
  • Students registered in any degree programme (Bachelor, Master, or Ph.D.) can enroll:
    • to obtain it as second qualification in parallel to pursuing their main degree whilst at the University
    • or they can take individual courses counting as optional courses towards their main degree.

Please read our guide for applicants carefully before submitting your application.



In order to apply, please write a letter of motivation of about one page and submit your Curriculum Vitae, following instructions on our University applications website.

The main prerequisites are fluency in the English language and a strong motivation to engage professionally and or personally to foster societal transformation for sustainable development.

Candidates shall pre-register with the University of Luxembourg by completing an online application form. At the end of this online pre-registration, applicants are asked to print and sign a copy of the application form, please include your letter of motivation and CV in this posted application.The application dossier should then be sent by postal mail to the student office SEVE.

Please note that the Certificate does not provide a legal basis for obtaining a residence permit for non EU citizens, as it is only a part time degree.