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Lerncoaching in Professionalisierungsprozessen - dépliant

Continuous education "Coaching and Mentoring Certificate"

The enrolment period runs from 1 March to 13 August 2021. The registration fees are 200€ per semester.

Enrolments are processed through the Student Department.

Requirements for enrolment are:

  • BAC+3, BAC+ Professional experience in the fields or with social work target groups
  • Training in the social-educational field
  • At least three years of professional experience

If you have any further questions about enrolment, please contact:


IFEN will contribute to the registration fees under the following conditions:

1. The corresponding application is submitted to IFEN by email or post at least three weeks before the start of the training.

2. The application must be discussed with the supervisors concerned (directorate, management, etc.).

3. If IFEN approves the request, half of the registration fee for further training can be refunded at the end of the training:

  • provided that the training contributes to the professional development of the applicant;
  • provided that the applicant submits a certificate of attendance and a confirmation of payment at the end of the training;
  • without exceeding the limit of the available budget for the current year.

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