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Master in Learning and Communication in Multilingual and Multicultural Contexts


Exceptional procedure due to the COVID-19 health crisis

Due to the exceptional situation, the University of Luxembourg has adapted its applications process.

  1. Submitting applications by email: Applicants are invited to submit their complete application file by email to
    Please do not submit any ecrypted documents.
  2. The eligibility criteria for non-EU applicants are listed here.
  3. Extension of the applicaiton deadlines for non-EU candidates are extended: the deadline for online registration is 11 May (instead of 26 April). The deadline for submitting the file by email is 18 May (instead of 3 May).

Study programme

Teaching Languages: English, French and German - some courses are multilingual


The subject of the Academic Master programme “Learning and Communication in Multilingual and Multicultural Contexts” is the study of multilingualism and multiculturalism and the issues raised by these themes in a society which is today characterized more and more by mobility, migration and diversity. In particular, it focuses on issues of linguistic and cultural diversity which arise among other things in the fields of education, communication and in different institutional and professional contexts. In courses and seminars, multilingualism is likewise an integral part of the forms of exchange between the students. In the philosophy of the programme, multilingualism is considered to be of added value in the building of knowledge.



At scientific level, the programme:
•    aims to familiarize students with scientific literature dealing with multilingualism and multiculturalism in fields such as sociolinguistics, applied linguistics, education, epistemology, sociology, digital literacy, etc.
•    aims to develop students’ detailed knowledge of the necessary methodological tools, with special emphasis on qualitative research in these areas
•    aims to develop students’ independent research competences
•    aims to accompany the thought processes necessary for students to act as responsible members of society, in connection with issues of multilingualism and multiculturalism

Programme Highlights

  • International Symposium in a Partner University;
  • Master Class with renown international experts;
  • Workplace training through short-term internship;
  • Multilingual and multicultural staff and students;
  • Connections to the public and private sector, including European Institutions




Career opportunities 

Academic careers
The MA programme also prepares students for further PhD studies in disciplines such as sociolinguistics, education, anthropology or sociology.

Careers beyond the academic world
The Master is an interdisciplinary programme that will open up career possibilites in domains such as education, journalism, new media, cultural and diversity management, cultural mediation, business and professional communication, tourism, translation, etc.

Course director


Programme at a glance

  • 2 years (full-time) / 4 years (part-time) - 120 ECTS
  • 25 students/year
  • 200 € /semestre
  • Courses are taught in English/ Français/ Deutsch (some courses are multilingual)

Any questions? Contact us for information about registration and studying at the University of Luxembourg: