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Master in Learning and Communication in Multilingual and Multicultural Contexts

  • Information session: At the beginning of the academic year, an information day is organised just for you. You are new, in a new class, with new colleagues coming from all over the world and ready to start their new journey in Luxembourg. The directors and the secretary is welcoming you, providing all the information you have always wanted to ask about the programme!
  • #TheMulticultisLaunch: Every year a Launch party is organised to warmly welcome in this programme new students. With delicious food and good music you will get the chance to meet and talk to your colleagues and professors. The celebration brings so many nationalities all together and there is no way you can miss out this amazing event!
  • The University of Luxembourg Annual Party: The University of Luxembourg, in collaborations with Student associations, organizes every year a party for new comers. It’s a good chance to spend some more time with your new colleagues!
  • Winter Semester: The programme provides a huge variety of interesting courses and selecting the right ones is never an easy job. Choose wisely and most importantly, on time. Please be aware of the teaching languages but don’t be afraid to take courses in a language you’re not proficient at all, since it is always a good way to learn languages.
  • Language Learning: As a master student in a trilingual programme, it is important to take every chances to improve your language abilities. In Luxembourg there are endless possibilities to learn or improve language skills. As multilingualism is a reality in class, you could start to develop your abilities by speaking with your colleagues in the language you’re not proficient at all or you can attend a course in the language you wish to learn! In the first semester you could take part to the German or French intensive course and later on you could continue with language courses at Campus Limpertsberg! Do whatever it takes to learn languages…Be an active learner!
  • December is a busy time: Multicultis really enjoy their life, but they know when the time comes to work hard! Drinking the typical Glühwein at the beautiful Christmas markets all over the city of Luxembourg is totally relaxing but in the meantime please do not forget you should get yourself organized because the end of the first semester is pretty near!
  • Exams: As many assignments will be given to you, and most of them are group works, it is HIGHLY recommended to start early. Dedication, passion and time management are the key to success.  Be focused!
  • Summer Semester: In the Summer Semester new challenging courses are offered by the University. Choose wisely again and start to think about your future. It’s the perfect time to wonder about the topic of your master thesis and to start looking for internships possibilities!
  • Events & Activities: Social life is a priority too! The University of Luxembourg offers a wide variety of events. Specifically, this program gives you the possibility to participate to different events, such as conferences and international symposiums. Take part to all of them, if you can! However, a wide range of different activities is provided too, as for example sports classes, arts classes and many more! Enjoy the University, take all the chances and make the best out of it!

Written by Emiliano Del Vecchio (Master student 2015’)– in the frame of the course ‘Marketing and Global Communication Development’ taught by Christophe Regnault.