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Our Master degree programmes

Master in Mediation

Target audience and admission requirements

The course is aimed at people who wish to carry out mediation functions. It is open to students with a bachelor's degree, a former bachelor's degree or any other higher university or professional diploma in the social field: psychology, teacher training, sociology, education sciences, social sciences, law, etc.

The academic year of the Master in Mediation takes place every two years. The next academic year will be September 2021, the next one will be September 2023.

Registration for the start of the school year in September 2021

  • Application period: Applications are closed after 30 June 2021. We do not accept late applications.
  • Deadline for payment of enrolment fees for successful applicants: 7 September 2021

Registration for the start of the school year in September 2022

There is no start of the academic year in September 2022, the next academic year will be in September 2023.

Inscription pour la rentrée de septembre 2023

Registration can only be done online on our website during the registration period. 

  • Application period: April 2023 to June 2023
  • Deadline for submission of application to SEVE (Service des Études et de la Vie Étudiante): July 2023
  • Deadline for payment of enrolment fees: September 2023

A selection of all applications will be made after the online registration based on the application file, individual interviews, and a written test in French.

Clarifications concerning only non-EU students: In accordance with the law of 29 August 2008 on the free movement of persons and immigration, non-EU students cannot be admitted on a part-time basis. As this Master is a part-time course, non-European students can apply provided they have a residence permit in Luxembourg at the time of application.