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Master in Psychotherapy

The Master in Psychotherapy is a 3-year university programme that can be followed while working, it provides graduates with the necessary qualifications for practising psychotherapy in Luxembourg and in other European countries. This programme is based on up to date research in psychotherapy. Course content and level of training meet the guidelines of the “European Federation of Psychologists’ Association” (EFPA) and are therefore comparable to what is currently practised in other European countries.



In addition to the acquisition of theoretical knowledge and the ability to apply it in practice, this programme aims essentially to teach students the reflective observation and conceptualisation of cases, from which the differential indication for the setting and treatment plan results. The teaching of these procedures is oriented towards the effective principles of general psychotherapy: activation of resources, problem actualisation, clarification and problem-solving.

The course follows the model of a "scientific practitioner", for whom research and practice are not opposites but mutually enriching and correcting fields.



Career Opportunities

Successful completion of the programme entitles the student to apply for the title of "psychotherapist", and thus to practise psychotherapy as a profession in Luxembourg. Career prospects are excellent as recent analyses have shown that there is a shortage of qualified psychotherapists in Luxembourg and neighbouring countries and that demand will continue to increase in the coming years.

Admission Criteria

  • Hold a Master's degree (or equivalent) in psychology with a specialisation in clinical psychology or a Master's degree (or equivalent) in medicine/psychiatry (at least 5 years of university studies)
  • Proof of 500 hours of supervised clinical practice (internships and any other practical experience). Attention: from the 2nd semester onwards, a permanent clinical position (internship, voluntary work or permanent position, ideally 50 to 75%) is mandatory in order to recruit cases for the supervisions that will take place until the 5th semester.
  • Master the 3 languages of the programme (German, French AND English): 2 languages on a C1 level, and at least the third one passively (level B2) to follow the courses
  • And finally be accepted following the selection interview (interviews are normally held in August, the Director of Studies informs candidates immediately after the interview whether they will be admitted to the course)

Press Articles

Loi sur les psychothérapeutes (Lydia Mutsch, Ministre de la Santé,

Course director


  • Duration: 6 semesters / continous education
  • Registration fees: 2,600 € / semester
  • Languages: DE, FR, EN (2 languages level C1 + 1 language level B2)
  • Application period:
    • EU: February - July
    • Non-EU: February - April

Any questions? Contact us for information about registration and studying at the University of Luxembourg: