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Our Master degree programmes

Master Management und Coaching im Bildungs-und Sozialwesen

Target audience

This Master's degree is aimed at specialists from the educational and social sectors who occupy or will occupy, the following positions:

  • Headmasters, chairman of school committees, head of any other committee in the education sector,
  • Head of youth services, pre-schools or childcare facilities,
  • Tutor or mentor in cycle 2 of secondary school, or tutor or teacher in primary school,
  • Inspector,
  • Project manager in the social or educational sector,
  • Specialist in administrations in the social or educational sectors (ministries, local authorities, private sector),
  • Specialist in policy or parastatal centres and civil organisations with a link to the social sector,
  • Specialist in international organisations dealing with issues related to the educational or social sectors.

Admission requirements

Applicants must hold a university degree at Bachelor level or equivalent:

  • hold a university degree at Bachelor's level or equivalent in educational sciences, social and educational sciences or other

Also admitted to the programme are:

  • holders of a certificate for teaching in the Luxembourg "école fondamentale";
  • persons who have graduated from a specialised educational establishment (see social sector).

The Persons interested in this programme that already hold a Master's degree in a related subject may also apply.

Exceptions may be possible for employees in the educational and social sectors without a Bachelor's degree or equivalent higher education qualification. Validation of prior experience will then be done in accordance with article 9 of the Law of 12 August 2003 on the creation of the University of Luxembourg.

In addition to these prerequisites, all candidates must be able to prove 3 years of professional experience in the educational or social fields - with a minimum activity rate of 50%.

Admission procedure

Complete the online admission procedure: