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Our Master degree programmes

Master Management und Coaching im Bildungs-und Sozialwesen

General information

  • The minimum duration of the Master's programme is six semesters.
  • The first two academic years are taught in weekly sessions of two consecutive days: Fridays from 11.15 to 18.15 and Saturday mornings at 9.00 (winter semester: mid-September to mid-December; summer semester: mid-February to the end of May).
  • The first three semesters can be validated by a University Certificate of 60 ECTS.
  • The various modules can also be taken as part of a continuing education programme.

The forms of teaching are varied. The autonomy left to the students is very important. Working groups also play an important role in the didactic approach.


Course structure

1st phase (duration: 3 semesters)

Broadening and deepening of the learner's knowledge and skills in their field of practice. The contents are based on scientific debate and relate to current issues in the sector.

The main topics covered are:

  • Societal conditions and challenges in the education and social sectors,
  • The educational and social systems in their national and international context,
  • Policies and strategies of these systems,
  • The organisation, management and development of quality and evaluation in the sectors concerned,
  • Professionalism in these areas,
  • Project management,
  • Advice and support in these areas,
  • Learning and diversity,
  • Communication and negotiation.

2nd phase (duration: 3 to 5 semesters)

  • Specialisation phase, including courses to deepen the student's professional knowledge and skills
  • Writing of a scientific thesis